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Wild but true. Made just for you.
It's raw. It's naked. It's wild. And we couldn't be more honored that you've chosen to partake in this rare, decadent pleasure both in your recipes and at your table.

A quick tour through our site and you'll soon realize why we take such immense pride in presenting this exquisitely tasting raw honey for you and your family to enjoy. Drizzle Raw Naked Wild Honey across toast, biscuits, muffins and cereals. Try it in teas, coffee, smoothies, dressings, marinades and baked goods. You'll immediately taste the deliciously wholesome difference, up close and personal.

Raw, Raw, Raw!
Honey enthusiasts and savvy consumers alike seek "raw" honey for its health benefits. They believe that when something says "raw" on the label they're getting honey that is unpasteurized, unfiltered and essentially un-fooled around with. That's exactly what Naked Wild Honey delivers.